Virtual Mastercard 10€

10€ Virtual Mastercard

10 €

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Virtual Mastercard 25€

25€ Virtual Mastercard

25 €

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Virtual Mastercard 50€

50€ Virtual Mastercard

50 €

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Get your Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card online within seconds


Looking for a secure prepaid card for online payments?

Get this virtual Mastercard Gift Card now with instant email delivery and it’s ready to use within seconds.

Spend the pre-loaded balance online anywhere Prepaid Mastercards are accepted.

That’s millions of sites! No need to complete an application process, deal with bankers or share personal financial data you want to keep private.

You don't even have to link a bank account! No more overspending or surprise fees, since you can only spend the available balance on the card.

So buy your virtual payment card now, receive the unique code by email, and use it immediately to pay online with full security!



Use prepaid Mastercard


You can activate your virtual prepaid Mastercard in just a few steps with the code you received from us.

To redeem your code, visit




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